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Lock Maintenance from Your First Choice for Dreadlock Styling in Croydon | Perfectionist Unisex Salon

For our inaugural post, we felt it’d be best to cover something that will be useful to many clients – from those growing their first starter locks out, to those who have had locks for decades. So we’ve collected 10 helpful tips for maintaining locks, looking to share the science behind keeping natural hair looking happy and healthy. While many tips might be familiar, we hope at least one or two will prove helpful!


If you’ve stumbled across this page and aren’t quite sure who we are at Perfectionist Unisex Salon, then here’s a quick introduction: we’re a natural hair specialist based in Thornton Heath, known throughout many nearby locales such as Croydon for our skill and experience in microlock and dreadlock styling. We provide a full range of services that covers everything from locks extension, to colouring and maintenance. You can book an appointment with us on 020 8684 8187.


5 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Locks


1. Moisturise – We really can’t stress this enough! Especially when first working on your starter locks, ensure they don’t dry out by regularly using a leave-in moisturizer or castor oil; the last thing you want is brittle hair that may break and ruin your progress. At Perfectionist Unisex Salon, just a short drive from Croydon in nearby Thornton Heath, we sell imported Jamaican castor oil which is proven to keep natural hair healthy and well moisturised.

2. Avoid Over-Washing – We often hear the same concern from clients visiting us for locks extension, to get going with starter locks, or other microlock and dreadlock styling services: what about the odour? Locks can certainly exhibit some odour, especially when first making the transition from loose natural hair. But washing too often can lead to locks thinning out or breaking, in addition to scalp issues. Don’t wash more than once every 10 days or so, and avoid washing starter locks altogether until they’ve matured somewhat.

3. Dry them Properly – Building on the last point, after you do wash your locks make sure they’re properly dried with a blow dryer on low heat, or by a proper period of air drying. Avoid tying them up or covering them before you’re 100% sure they’re dry.

4. Avoid Using Too Many Products – Some of our Thornton Heath and Croydon clients struggle with this one, as they’ve long used all sorts of products to keep their hair looking good. But when it comes to dreadlock styling, you have to keep in mind you’re doubling down on having natural hair; overusing products can lead to an unpleasant build-up. Stick to light moisturizers and products like our Jamaican castor oil, specifically made to help with starter locks and more mature locks, e.g following locks extension.

5. Keep Your Hands Off – Many of us fiddle with our hair when we’re concentrating, anxious or bored; but twisting locks can loosen hair follicles and lead to them breaking down. Leave the twisting and retwisting to our dreadlock styling specialists to avoid this eventuality!


Perfectionist Unisex Salon is a natural hair and dreadlock styling specialist, based just a short drive from Croydon in Thornton Heath. Book in in an appointment on 020 8684 8187.


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