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Loctician in Thornton Heath | Differences Between Dreadlocks and Microlocks

Women who have been dreaming of growing long dreadlocks may be wondering what the differences are between growing dreads or going down the Microlocks styling route. One of the most significant differences is how long it takes to grow locs compared to the time takes to achieve the Microlocks look. Although they may look similar after some time, they each have a very different beginning. As a qualified loctician and specialist Microlocks stylist based in Thornton Heath, I’m experienced in both methods and run through the differences below. For high-quality Microlocks and dreadlocks haircare, my salon is open 7 days a week.


Traditional Dreadlocks


Traditional dreadlocks, also known as locs, is essentially hair that has been twisted and matted together. They are cultivated over a period of time and involve the hair being twisted at the roots as it grows. Various twisting techniques can be used, with the most common method being palm rolling. Dreadlocks take anywhere from seven to eighteen months to form, depending on how quickly the loc wearers hair grows, so patience is needed! If not done properly, deadlocking can cause hair loss which is why it is best to visit a local loctician such as myself, for dreadlocks haircare, beginning and retwist locs.


Maintaining Dreadlocks


For the hair roots to look neat and bunched up, monthly maintenance is recommended. Although you can choose to do this yourself, many of my customers in Thornton Heath and the surrounding areas prefer to pop into my salon to have it carried out by an expert loctician. My loc maintenance services can include conditioning oil treatments to moisturise dry hair and a dry scalp. I use and sell 100% natural Jamaican Castor Oil that is proven to improve hair strength, blood circulation in the scalp and even encourage hair growth.




Sisterlocks give you the look of traditional locs without having to go through the long process and phases of cultivating them. They look virtually identical to dreadlocks when correctly attached by an experienced Sisterlocks stylist. My Sisterlocks services are a great choice for any women in the Thornton Heath area, who would prefer quicker lock results. For many, it can be difficult growing locs in the traditional way due to a busy job and lifestyle. Another reason to choose this route is if your hair has been chemically straightened and cannot lock successfully.


Sisterlocks are created using specialist tightening tools. The micro-locs are essentially formed by tightening the roots of your hair with these tools, primarily using a latch-hook tool. This requires specialist training which is why it is always best to go to an experience Sisterlocks stylist such as myself. The initial installation can take up to three days and retightening will be needed for new growth. As well as dreadlock haircare, I provide Sisterlocks maintenance and hair treatments for my clients in my comfortable salon.


Why Come to Perfectionist for Your Locs or Microlocks?


There are many reasons to visit my salon in Thornton Heath for dreadlocks haircare, Microlocks styling and a wide variety of other quality hair services. Based on the high street since 2004, we are ideally positioned for customers coming from anywhere in the London Borough of Croydon area. I also receive clients travelling from much further afield, who come to me for affordable haircare and styling they can rely on. Trained in Jamaica and with over 25 years of experience, I am a skilled loctician and specialist Microlocks stylist. Contact me today to book your appointment.


At Perfectionist in Thornton Heath, you can expect the following:


• Professional, friendly and welcoming atmosphere

• Same-day and pre-booked appointments available

• Highly competitive prices and cards accepted

• Open 7 days a week including until 6pm on Fridays

• Experienced loctician and specialist Microlocks stylist

• Quality dreadlocks haircare for men and women


In the Thornton Heath area and looking for a professional loctician? Visit the Perfectionist Unisex Salon on call me on 020 86848187 or 07903 620009 today.


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